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Clouds over the Ponderosa and Ruskin Park in Sheffield

Clouds over The Ponderosa
Clouds over Ruskin Park
They were really beautiful but the colours don’t show up so well using the camera in my phone.

I also tried to take one of the #moon over Carr Road.
Moon over Carr Road


I’m a little dinosaur

The Pop For Kids Project have added a great version of the Jonathan Richman song “I’m a Little Dinosaur” by Sweater Girls.

Doctor Who

Bath time disaster

Arrrgh! Disaster! I’ve just dropped my Abslom Daak Dalek Killer bookmark in the bath! Serves me right for reading my issue of Vworp Vworp in the bath I suppose. Hmmm, maybe typing this on my phone in the bath is not a great idea either.

Music hardware

Happy birthday guitar amp!

HH IC100 guitar amp

It is my guitar amp’s 40th birthday!

I trying to find some information about my HH IC100 guitar amp to undo the damage that those pesky Sweet Nothings did to it and I found out that they started making them in 1971 and then in 1972 they added a stage/studio switch and lighting on the knobs (neither of which my amp has) so that makes it 40 years old. I decided that today is its birthday so happy birthday amplifier!

For its birthday it would like a reverb/vibrato foot switch to turn those back on again. For Christmas it would like a new power lead as the one that its got is quite knackered. I think I’ve found somewhere on the web that sells foot switches but not sure about the power lead…

It used to belong to my Granddad who was a country and western singer and he built the speaker for it so it’s kind of a family heirloom.